Esthetic Papilla Treatment With Hyaluronic Acid


During the last years treatment of papilla deficiencies using hyaluronic acid has become more and more frequent in the dental field. However, there are barely any standardized treatment concepts for its application.

To achieve a balance between hard and soft tissue in the area around implants is a challenging task for surgeons. The combined application of surgical soft tissue management and hyaluronic acid is an efficient way to optimize and stabilize soft tissue balance around implants.

The capacity of hyaluronic acid to attract and promote the action of relevant cells like fibroblasts and keratinocytes, plays a key role in peri-implant regeneration of soft tissue. Ofcourse, there are limitations relating to interproximal bone height and biotype of the soft tissue, which need to be considered for the selection of cases suitable for treatment with hyaluronic acid.

The webinar will cover concepts for papilla treatment based on scientific research and clinical expertise. The diverse applications of cross-linked hyaluronic acid will be discussed based on clinical cases and the standardized protocols established by Prof. Dr Wainwright.



“Cases of Pr. M. Wainwright”




The learnings of the webinar are to understand the types of papilla reconstruction available, the differences between dermal fillers and cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid, the patient selection and the clinical protocol to achieve a substainable result.

Given by prof. Prof. Dr. Marcel Wainwright
Professor for Ultrasonic Surgery and Implantology at State University of Seville (Spain), Dep. Oralsurgery (Prof. Dr. Daniel Torres Lagares)

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