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Bot Plugger maat 3/4 – Degidi


1 stuk

Degidi Plugger Precise. Perfect

In case of immediate implantation, it is very important to fill
the gap between the implant and the buccal plate with some
low resorbable biomaterial.
In order to pack this space in the best possible way we have
designed 2 instruments that due to the different shapes
(4 different working ends) and dimensions of the apical wedge,
fit perfectly in this gap.

Functionality. Design
The Degidi Plugger from USTOMED is an ergonomically designed
instrument for the socket preservation.
4 different and very accurate shaped working ends allow the
surgeon to place, fill and condense the biomaterial always in
the perfect way.

Bekijk hier de catalogus van de Degidi bot plugger.


3-5 werkdagen in huis, mits op voorraad bij de leverancier

Artikelnummer: 67-693-034
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