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Degranulatie Kit

Main Kit Features
• Designed morphologically to tear out all remnants of soft tissue which are firmly attached to the bone,
removing them without harming the bone.
• The debridement process is done quickly and effectively.
• The drills are more precise and do not grab the bone compared to Tungsten burs.
• The drills are connected a physiodispenser working in sterile environment.
• Multi use suction which was designed specially to offer two major advantages; offer clear visibility and only
remove fluids, leaving bone substitute in place.

• Optimal debridement of the inflammatory tissue is achieved, which cannot be done manually by surgical
spoon curette.
• Multi task drills can be used in implantology, periodontal surgery, endodontic surgery, and root removal.
• Maximum safety when working near anatomical structure
• Multiuse drills (more than 100 procedures)


3-5 werkdagen in huis, mits op voorraad bij de leverancier

Artikelnummer: GRKIT1
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