Scientific and clinical insights in treating recessions & infrabony defects with Hyaluronic Acid.


Periodontal wound healing is based on a series of biological and cellular events that guide soft and hard tissues toward a clinical final result, of reparative or regenerative nature. The soft tissues, epithelium and gingival connective tissue, when considered alone, seem to possess peculiar characteristics. They play a role of high specialization in that, as a result of injury, they must reach the outcome of healing as quickly as possible in order to ensure the deep tissues (bone and cementum) to better obtain the primary objective for the clinician, i.e. the gain of attachment.

The wound healing of the periodontal soft tissue compartment is a complex biological phenomenon but fascinating at the same time, being the subject of study on wound healing not only by scientists of Periodontology but also in many other areas of medicine. It involves the continuous study of cellular and molecular mechanisms, some of which stem from recent studies that form the basis of the validated operational protocols and current use in surgery. Hyaluronan, since 1934, has shown to possess a central role in wound healing, not to mention its presence in high concentration within the periodontal ligament. This presentation will focus on the recent three decades of research up to this date showing a continuous increase in promising results where Hyaluronic acid (HA) is utilized in periodontal and implant surgery.

Prof. Andrea Pilloni MD DDS MS, Professor of Periodontology in the Section of Periodontics at the University of Roma „Sapienza“, and Director of Postgraduate Program in Periodontics will discuss this during the webinar.



Hyadent BG on Roots for CAF of Multiple Recessions

Hyadent BG application in Infrabony Defect

“Cases of Pr. Andrea Pilloni”


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