Wetenschappelijke literatuur

Over implantologie in het algemeen en specifieke producten voor dentale chirurgie uit onze shop.

Combined Sinus Grafting and Lateral Augmentation by a Hyaluronic Acid- Facilitated Guided Bone Regeneration Protocol – Case Series Supported by Human Histologic Analysis
Minimally invasive management of implant-supported rehabilitation in the posterior maxilla (Part I). Sinus floor elevation: biologic principles and materials
Two-stage crestal sinus elevation by sequential drills in less than 4mm of residual ridge height: a clinical and histologic case report
wetenschappelijke literatuur
Permanent wettability of a novel nanoengineered, clinically available, hyaluronan-coated dental implant
soft tissue
Soft tissue enhancement and implant placement following partial mandibulectomy due to squamous cell carcinoma
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